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Posted by SimonBott on July 07, 2002 at 12:49:38:

An update for the Tape Exchange:

For those who do not know, we have established a group of people who provide copies of old Alabama games to anyone who asks. In exchange, we ask either for a copy of a game we do not have or that you cover our expenses.

To order games, simply e-mail me


Or the people indicated in the appropriate post.

In the last few months, several Bama fans have gone above and beyond and either donated or loaned tapes to the group. I won’t embarrass these people by naming them fully but (alphabetically)

Chris, Don, John, “K”, Mac, Paul….

We REALLY appreciate it!!


We have nearly 300 football games – mostly the original TV broadcasts although older games are usually highlight shows or “coach tapes” – silent films with only the plays.

The most popular game with more than 700 orders is the Auburn game from last year. Also included in the top 10 are

1992/93 Sugar Bowl against Miami
1978/79 Sugar Bowl against Penn State
1985 Iron Bowl
1999 Florida game in “The Swamp”

among others.

New additions include the 1989 game against Ole Miss as well as the A-day game from this last Spring.

For the complete list, go to



The basketball has seen a huge increase to nearly 180 games available in 6 collections. We still would love to add more tapers to the group so – if you have any basketball games you’d copy for others (or let us make copies), please let me know.

For the complete list, go to



As has been hinted on this board, two of our group have been able to put the Iron Bowl on DVD. This effort is on-going.

The DVD post is at



Almost last but certainly not least, we have generated a short list of old Bear Bryant Shows that are available. Some of these are not in great shape, given the age but all the ones offered are “watchable”

For the list, go to



Finally, some people continue to “rip off” those of us who send them tapes. In a week or so there will be an updated list of these so-called Bama fans! This note is to give them one more chance to contact me!

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