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Posting Policy

You do not have freedom of speech on TI forums. You cannot say whatever you please, whenever you please. You must abide by the posting policy.

The rules

Only Crimson Tide fans may post messages.

Be civil at all times. In particular, please refrain from:

  • Flaming.
  • Inflammatory remarks.
  • Personal attacks.
  • Threats.
  • Name-calling, including derogatory or derisive misspellings of an individual's name or username.
  • Questioning another's loyalty to the Tide.
  • Vulgar language, or language used to suggest vulgarity, including first-letter abbreviations. (The F-word in particular, even abbreviated, is not allowed.)
  • Derogatory comment or innuendo based on gender, sexual preference, race or creed.
  • Destructive criticism.
  • Derisive, derogatory or snide remarks about players or coaches.

Do not harp on any issue.

When posting on any forum, please abide by the purpose of that forum.


If you violate the posting policy you are subject to losing your posting privileges temporarily. If you repeatedly violate the posting policy you are subject to losing your posting privileges permanently.


Before posting a message on any TI forum, you must agree that, if in the judgment of TI, your message violates the posting policy, you forfeit all rights to any refund should you decide to cancel your membership.

The Forums

The TI forums are open for reading by all. But only TI members can post messages.

Open ForumSerious discussion of Tide sports.
For public viewing.
Closed ForumSerious discussion of Tide sports.
For viewing only by members
The QuadGeneral discussion.
The BackboardDiscussion of Tide Basketball
Game BoardsPredictions, play-by-play and commentary on Tide games.
Ticket ExchangeSwapping of tickets to Tide events. Please do not engage in buying (from here or elsewhere) and selling for profit on this exchange.
Video ExchangeNot-for-profit sharing of videos of Tide games.

All forums except the Closed Forum and the Game Board are for public viewing. The Closed Forum and the Game Board can be viewed only by TI members. Whatever is appropriate for the Open Forum is appropriate for the Closed Forum. But on occasion TI may request that certain discussions take place only on the Closed Forum.

When you post a message please do so to the most appropriate forum, and to only that forum. If you accidentally post a message to the wrong forum, please go to that message and hit the Request Removal button in order to send us an email request to remove it. (The Request Removal button is on the line of text buttons immediately below the title of the message.)

Serious discussion of Tide sports

The Open and Closed forums are for serious discussion of Tide sports. That doesn't mean that humor is not appropriate. A modicum of spontaneous humor is okay, but if you're looking to make a name for yourself as an online comic, the Quad is the place to practice your art. The only appropriate way to draw attention to yourself on either the Open or the Closed forum is by giving reliable and interesting information and by making astute observations.

You have a responsibility to all other members to respect the purpose of the Open and Closed forums. Those forums are not yours as an individual to post whatever you want. They are community forums. In order for them to serve their purpose, all who post there must respect that purpose.

Removal of Inappropriate Messages

A message that violates the posting policy is subject to immediate removal.

Please keep in mind that we cannot read all messages. So we will fail to find and remove some inappropriate ones. You can help as follows.

On the navigation bar near the top of every message page is a text button labeled Request Removal. When you read a message that you think is inappropriate, please click on the Request Removal button. Doing so will cause a email composition window to pop up, with the subject of the email being the web address of the message. Send the email.

Please note that some browsers do not handle the Request Removal button as intended. They don't put the address of the forum message in the subject of the email message. If your browser leaves the subject line blank, please copy the address of the forum message from the location line near the top of the browser window and paste it in the subject line for the email message.

Forum Classics

Forum Classics is a collection of noteworthy messages taken from the TI Forums.

Questions about the Forums

For more about the forums, please see the frequently asked questions.