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New allegations by Spurrier

Posted by crimson bill on August 07, 2000

Steve Spurrier has gone public with new and potentially damaging allegations of recruiting violations by the University of Alabama football program. Coach Spurrier is quoted as saying that he has it on very reliable sources that Coach Ronnie Cottrell provided illegal and unfair recruiting benefits to the Smiley family pooch, Drake, including Milk bone dog biscuits, a silver plated dog food bowl with Crimson "A" and a studded collar with a tag stating "I love gator meat."

When contacted by the Birmingham News' highly professional sports department, Marie Robbins responded by stating that these latest charges have already been thoroughly investigated and are not true.

While Coach Cottrell admits to meeting the pooch, he did not give him any of the gifts in question. Coach Cottrell was quoted as saying that "the pooch would have had to have [watered] Spurrier's Gucci shoes" before he or anyone at Alabama would have given him the benefits in question.

Paul Finebaum is already reporting that Alabama will be receiving the "death penalty" for these latest infractions and that the 2000 season will be canceled.

When reached for comment, Drake would only state that this experience has been "ruff" for him and the Smiley family.