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How to add a shortcut to TI on your phone's home screen?


Firefox: Instructions

Chrome: Go to the TI page you want. Tap on the Chrome menu icon at upper right and select "Add to Home screen."


Safari: Go to the TI page you want. Tap the arrow icon next to the URL field and select "Add to Home Screen."

Denied inside access?

Did you type your username and password correctly?

Our system is case sensitive, so you must use the same combination of capital and small letters that you used when you joined or when you last changed your codes.

Forgotten your username or password?

Please go to the Member Center and request that your codes be emailed to you. Our server will immediately email your codes to the email address that we have for you. If you don't find the email in your inbox within five minutes, please check your spam folder.

Has your membership expired?

Please go to the Member Center and check the status of your membership.

If when you try to log in at the Member Center, you get the message that no record was found, then you mistyped your username or your password. The system has never lost a member record.

Your browser may be confused

Try closing and reopening your browser. If that doesn’t work, try another browser.

iPhone, iPad, Safari users

Safari does not always communicate properly with our webserver. Try turning your device off and then back on. If that doesn't work, you might try an alternate browser.

For iPhone (iPad), search the web for Alternative iPhone (iPad) Browsers. Two apps that members have reported using are Dolphin and Opera Mini.

Internet Explorer (IE) users

If your browser prompts you for your codes: on the top menu bar in any IE browser window, click Tools, then Internet Options, then Delete Files. A message window pops up with a check box: Delete all offline content. Check that button, then click OK.

If your browser does not prompt you for your codes: on the menu bar at the top of a browser window, click Tools, Internet Options, Security, Custom Level. Scroll to bottom: User Authentication, Logon. Click Prompt for username and password.

If nothing you try works, please send a message to TI. Please include your TI username or your real name.

Want to change your password?

You can change your password online at the Member Center.

Want to change your username?

You can change your username online at the Member Center.

Have a new email address?

Please go to the Member Center to register a new email address with TI.

Getting only blank screens on the forums?

If you use Norton Internet Security (NIS), please turn off its ad blocker.

If you don't use NIS, or if turning of the ad blocker does not solve the problem, please email us. Please tell us which browser(s) (including versions) you use.

Other problems

For other problems, please send a message to TI.

For problems related to viewing a page, please tell what browser (including version) you use. If you have two browsers, please try both and tell us if you see different behavior.


Send your Tide questions or information to Rodney.

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