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Re: Must Give Occupation

Posted by Kurt M on September 06, 2000

I drink beer and eat sausages. I sell smart-ass comments on the commodities market and I train my dog to do stupid tricks. I climb ladders and replace light bulbs, I drive to the grocery store when neccesary. I float in the tub. When Im feeling saucy I smoke a cee-gar. I run like the wind and can sing the Alan O'Day hit "Undercover Angel" without snickering.

I sell subscriptions to obscure newsletters. I read Sun Tzu. I play darts with the less gifted. I go to malls and look menacing. I taunt the overweight and then run away.

I stomp grapes. I dance like Nietzsche and live like Thoreau. I wobble but I dont fall down.

I pontificate. I cat-call and heckle. I smoke turkeys. I dont eat the pasta-salad.

I make paper airplanes during meetings. I enter contests where the first prize is a go-cart and cant sleep when the drawing date is near.

I shop and save. I fight my urges and lose on purpose. I watch "Gilligans Island" and dig Ginger. I watch "I Dream of Jeannie" and wonder how long Id put up with Air-Force crap with that little magical snuggle bunny at home in her jammies.

I found Waldo. I dress accordingly. I sit still during church. I giggle when teachers say "asphalt" or "uranus".

But most of all.... I love the Tide!

Do I qualify?