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Inferiority and recognizing one's true place

Posted by T-Bama on February 26, 2001

Name one other school in the SEC that could go 3-8 and get any attention…

Bama fans have a simple gathering and get excited about their cohesive coaching staff and you can barely stem the tide (no pun intended) of attacks from the deliverance crew.

The truth of the matter is that the inferiority complex the rest of the SEC has in relation to Alabama will never be overcome. College football has changed and the day of establishing “traditional” powers is over. The parity today will prevent the kind of streaks of dominance that lead to recognition as a power. Other than Nebraska, consider the big players in the decade of the 90s. Florida State made some noise, but was famous for misses and a first NC by the grace of benevolent voters (not to mention a weak Nebraska kicker). Florida had moments, but also laid claim to a grand total of 1 National Title. Tennessee was perceived as having a great dominant period in the 90s. After all, they won 2 SEC titles and went undefeated to claim a national title---the exact same total as Bama.

The nation’s psyche is accustomed to seeing Bama represent the SEC in greatness because they have done so throughout the history of college football. Other teams may win some games, but the nation has a limited number of teams that sit at the pinnacle. The reason you see such attacks from our SEC brethren is that they recognize that their meager periods of success will be quickly overlooked when the traditional power gets its house in order. That has been accomplished by the hiring of a head coach who is meticulous, enthusiastic, and displays absolute integrity. Not only that, he will tell anyone that interferes with his program (“family” in Coach Fran’s nomenclature) to get the hell out.

When your Vile, Gator, and Awbie coworkers/neighbors/friends(?) try their adult version of “nana nana boo boo”, feel for them the true pitty they deserve and smile. For no matter how hard they try, they will never know the satisfaction of pulling for Dixie’s football pride…