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John David Crow Recruited Wilbur Jackson and the Story Goes:

Posted by wjr1268 on May 03, 2001

Wilbur lived at the end of a dirt road outside of Ozark, and you had to cross a creek to get to his house. The night John David sold Wilbur on Bama, he called on Wilbur's famly, and the rains came. It rained so much that the creek flooded and John David could not get to the Holiday Inn in Ozark. Wilbur's mother told him he would have to spend the night and sleep with Wilbur's little brother, Samuel. John David told Mrs. Jackson that if Samuel did not mind, he sure didn't. Later, he crawled into bed and Samuel came in and hit his knees beside the bed. John David realized that he had not said his prayers so he got out of bed and hit his knees on the other side of the bed. Samuel look up and said: "Mamma's going to get mad with you." John David raised his head and inquired, "Why?" Samuel quickly replied: "Because the pot is on my side of the bed."