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Good News about UA Academics, Part 13

Posted by ROBERTUS on February 24, 2002

When an institution is built to last, it all begins with a solid foundation. The University of Alabama has been building on its strong academic foundation for 170 years. The following are just a few of UA's recent accomplishments.

-A measure of the strength of a university and the success of its alumni can be found in the level of its endowment. For instance, Harvard University is widely considered to be the top university in the United States, therefore, it is no surprise that its $18 billion endowment is the largest in the nation. In a recent issue (1/25/02) of The Chronicle of Higher Education, The University of Alabama's endowment ranked 78th nationally. Among SEC member institutions, Vanderbilt University ranked 1st with ($2.2 billion), followed by The University of Florida ($635 million), The University of Alabama ($616 million), The University of Tennessee ($420 million), The University of Kentucky ($419 million), The University of Georgia ($397 million), Louisiana State University ($326 million), The University of Mississippi ($320 million), The University of South Carolina ($303 million), Auburn University ($259 million), The University of Arkansas ($234 million), and Mississippi State University ($146 million). Within the state of Alabama, The University of Alabama ($616 million) is ranked 1st, followed by The University of South Alabama ($278 million), Samford University ($271 million), and Auburn University ($259 million).

-The University of Alabama's economic impact on the state has been measured at more than $1.8 billion per year.

-In a recent issue of "Chemical Engineering News", The University of Alabama ranks 15th in the nation for the most federal support for Chemical Engineering. This ranking reflects the strength of the program and its research. UA joins other institutions, such as, MIT, Stanford, and Johns Hopkins in the top 15 ranking.

-The University of Alabama Culverhouse School of Accountancy has been ranked in the top 20 nationally in all categories of scholarly productivity by "Issues in Accounting Education", published by the American Accounting Association.

-The UA Culverhouse School of Accountancy's graduate programs were ranked in the top 20 nationally by the 15th Annual Survey of Accounting Professors and published in the Public Accounting Report.

-The UA Culverhouse School of Accountancy received notification that it is among the top 20 universities nationally whose students have passed the certified management accountant (C.M.A.) examination.

-The University of Alabama has produced many successful business leaders throughout its history. The following is a list of just a few of the current UA alumni who are today's business leaders.

*Wallace D. Malone, CEO of Southtrust Corporation
*Carl E. Jones, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Regions Corp.
*John D. Johns, President and CEO of Protective Life Inc.
*James Hinton, Owner and CEO of R.L Zeigler Company
*Elton B. Stevens; Chairman of the Board of EBSCO Industries
*Allen Franklin, President and CEO of The Southern Company
*John Thomas Oliver, CEO of Synovus Financial Corporation
*Mike Case, President and CEO of Gulf States Paper
*John Russell Thomas, CEO of Alliant Bank
*Anthony McWhorter, President and CEO Liberty National Life Inc.
*Ronald Bruno, CEO of Bruno Inc.
*Clyde B. Anderson, CEO of Books-A-Million and Joe Muggs Coffee

Because of its sound foundation, The University of Alabama is one of the strongest institutions in the nation. The stronger the foundation, the more it can support. I look forward to more good news in the near future as UA continues to build on a foundation that is as "solid as a rock". ROLL TIDE FOREVER!!!