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So what do you suggest be done to DuBose? A bullet ...

Posted by JD Bama on April 30, 2002

to the head?
Seriously, when does it stop? At what lengths will people go to in showing their displeasure. I don't think it ever will stop, personally. And all this talk about Bama class is evidently a load of hogwash. Talk about “vomits” and “barners” all you want, but some of you folks on this board are wallowing in it. Just like with Whitworth. He's treated as a traitor, rather than just a bad head coach almost 50 years later. Can we not just move on and be appreciative of a man who, as a player, was awarded the esteemed #54, by the greatest coach college football has ever seen, for his determination and work ethic? Mike DuBose the player, was the epitome of the overachiever. The kid that didn't have much talent, but didn't know it. As an assistant coach, he was one of the most well respected around. He was a hard worker, and the players liked the fact he spent as much time keeping himself fit as they did. As a head coach, the public spotlight took him away from his on-the-field duties, and his assistant coaches let him down, big time! I mean, every aspect of player development was pathetic during his tenure. I know the head coach is the one held responsible for that, but you would think just one assistant coach would have gotten a little something done, without having to have someone stand over their shoulder and make them do it. DuBose was not mentally prepared to make the transition to head man. To lead the "program", while still leading the "team" was a task he was unable to do. Let's not forget Bockrath provided NO help for him. He made the mistake of hiring too many coaches who had aspirations of being head coaches themselves, or had already been head coaches, and the infighting and glory hounding was horrific. The deal with the secretary was all him. Nobody else to blame here, except the secretary, but HE lost self control. He should have been fired for it immediately, in my opinion. And obviously that's when the wheels began to fall off the bus. No coach in the country could have overcome that. Even though they surprisingly won the conference in 99, too much damage had been done, too much respect had been forfeited, and too many assistant's were peeved that they didn't get their chance to step up.
I'm not going to apologize for the stupid things Mike DuBose did as a head coach. But I'm not going to put him in the same category as a convicted murderer either, like so many children on this forum like to do. He got his dream job and messed it all up. He caused harm to the University, but that blame should be spread around among several people. I stand firm in my belief that his intentions were good and he did nothing to purposely hurt the University, while several others involved in this DID. And NOBODY, not you, not me, not anybody on this planet will suffer more for what Mike DuBose has done than Mike DuBose himself.

I am glad he's found a job doing something he enjoys, and I intend to wish the man well and move on. What you decide to do is your business.