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The big problems Price is facing

Posted by LJS Law on January 28, 2003

When Mike DuBose was fired about three years too late, our fan base was left bewildered, dazed, confused, and quite desperate honestly. We really needed someone with COMPETENCE and INTEGRITY --- someone to believe in. Along came Fran with his dry one-liners, his "Loyalty, Accountability, Trust", his goofy website, his own traveling spinmeister and we all fell for him head over heels. We were desperate for a leader and we thought we found one. Fran could not have inherited an Alabama fan base that would be more patient or more forgiving. Yet, he still didn't trust us.

When Fran ditched us not at the altar but on the honeymoon itself, leaving us in our robes to look out on the beach to see him sprinting after some redneck fat chick, we were really, really hurt. Fran left us cynical and angry.

That is the fanbase Price is inheriting. Hell hath no fury like an Alabama fan scorned....

Mike Price will be the one paying for Fran's sins. I have no doubt in my mind that things Fran got a free pass for (his goofiness, blowing 4th quarter leads, losing to AU at home as a 10 point favorite) Mike Price will never get.

Mike Price inherited a recruiting mess left by Fran who obviously quit really recruiting for Alabama's future last September. Mike Price inherited a program that still has Mike DuBose's stains on it. Mike Price inherited an absolute mess of sanctions, NCAA problems and in-fighting. Yet, when we lose games because all of the above, who is going to be blamed by us? Mike Price.