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Academic Update Part 23: Winning with integrity

Posted by ROBERTUS on February 07, 2004

ACADEMIC UPDATE!!!! Part 23 (Winning with Integrity!!!)

Integrity is defined as a state of being complete or whole; uprightness; virtue; honesty; soundness. Measuring integrity is difficult. There are many variables involved. One measure for academic integrity is through assessment and accreditation. The University of Alabama has always stood for and strived for integrity. This is why the University of Alabama has maintained academic accreditation, without blemish, since accreditation standards began. The following are but a few of current success stories happening on OUR beautiful campus. Enjoy!!!

-A major measure of the strength of a university and the success of its alumni can be found in the level of its endowment. For instance, Harvard University is widely considered to be the top university in the United States, therefore, it is no surprise that its $18.8 billion endowment is the largest in the nation. In a recent issue (1/23/04) of The Chronicle of Higher Education, endowment rankings for the nation’s colleges and universities were released in its annual survey. The University of Alabama's endowment faired well, ranking 74th among all colleges and universities in the nation. Among SEC member institutions, Vanderbilt University ranked 1st with ($2.0 billion), followed by The University of Alabama ($602 million), The University of Tennessee ($592 million), The University of Florida ($586 million), The University of Arkansas ($546 million), Louisiana State University ($417 million), The University of Kentucky ($412 million), The University of Georgia ($397 million), The University of Mississippi ($334 million), The University of South Carolina ($313 million), Auburn University ($240 million), and Mississippi State University ($154 million). Within the state of Alabama, The University of Alabama ($602 million) ranked 1st, followed by The University of South Alabama ($241 million), Auburn University ($240 million), Samford University ($210 million), and Birmingham-Southern College ($99 million).

-The 2003 edition of The Top American Research Universities, released annually by The Center, ranks top research universities based on how many times a university is ranked in the "top 25" nationally over 10 categories (total research expenditures, federal research expenditures, endowment assets, annual giving, National Academy members, faculty awards, doctorates awarded, post-doc appointees, median SAT scores, and National Merit and Achievement scholars). Again, The University of Alabama and UAB were the only universities from the state to be ranked in the "top 25" in any of the 10 categories.

-Cody Locke, a sophomore majoring in Biology at The University of Alabama, has received the National Society of Collegiate Scholars Merit Award. This honor, awarded to only 50 students across the country, is given to an outstanding new member who embodies the three pillars of upon which the NSCS was founded—scholarship, leadership, and service. Founded, in 1994, the NSCS is a highly selective national honors organization.

-The Marketing program at The University of Alabama has recently been ranked 22nd in the nation in a study that assesses the influence of marketing articles, scholars, and institutions. The study was published in the summer 2003 issue of The American Marketing Association.

-Four professors from The University of Alabama have been selected 2003-2004 Fulbright Scholars. Dr, Subha Chakraborti, professor in the department of information systems, statistics, and management science in the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration; Dr. Marylyn Emplaincourt, associate director of Capstone International academic programs; Dr. Richard Lomax, professor in the department of educational studies in psychology, research methodology, and counseling in the College of Education; and Dr. Norman Singer, Charles O. Stokes Professor of Law in the School of Law were all selected for this year. Established in 1946, under legislation created by the late Sen. J. William Fulbright, this prestigious programs purpose is to build mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries.

-Jeremy Lawson, an undergraduate Physics major at The University of Alabama, recently won first-place for his research presentation at the INSPIRE conference in Hattiesburg, MS held October 16-18, 2003. Lawson, doing research UA’s Materials for Information Technology (MINT) Center, won his award in the materials sciences division.

-The University of Alabama’s Rehabilitation Counseling program was selected as one of two programs nationally to receive the Rehabilitation Services Administration Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Rehabilitation Education and Training. The award recognizes rehabilitation education and training programs for outstanding achievement and distinction in meeting the personnel needs of the state-federal rehabilitation program.

-For the second year in a row, a University of Alabama student has won The Worthington Award from the American Society of Cell Biologists. This honor is given to the top six students selected from a pool of thousands by some of the world’s top cell biologists. This year’s winner from UA, Iyare Izevbaye, is a second year doctoral student researching molecular mechanisms underlying Parkinson’s disease. The University of Alabama is the only university to have repeat winners of the award. Last year, Shelli Williams was one of the six recipients of the award. Congratulations to these two fine representatives of OUR great university.

With the proper leadership in place, an outstanding and dedicated faculty and staff, excellent students, alumni, and friends, UA is poised to continue its rapid climb in the academic world. And, as has been the case since 1831, The University will continue to WIN with integrity. From the fully accredited University of Alabama, ROLL TIDE FOREVER!!!