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I wish I were younger (m)......

Posted by RTNEED2 on July 07, 2004

Not because my knees crack when I jog or because my back is sore about once a month or because I'm becoming more follicly-challenged every day (g).

No, I sometimes wish I were younger because I miss the innocence of college football when I was a kid. Now, there were problems with college football when I was growing up ' poor officiating, massive slush fund at Illinois, recruiting violations at other places, favoritism amongst pollsters ' BUT I didn't care about it.

Last night I was cleaning out my basement (about time my wife would say!) and I found a notebook I used to keep as a kid on Alabama football games. I looked through a few years and saw something interesting in my notes ' even when we lost I didn't criticize the team, blame the coaches, or something else. One entry after the UGa in '65 (the knee on the ground fleaflicker play) was ' 'close game ' we tried hard and will be ready next week.'

No whining, complaining, etc. I long for those days and starting now, they are coming back. No more worrying about what kid has us third on his recruiting list or what one of our rivals did, what Finebaum said, or is our defensive coordinator playing too much Cover 2 zone defense.

Football is going to be fun again for me and my family. It's going to be like my childhood when I would put on the #11 jersey and run the split-T formation in my backyard pretending to be Snake at quarterback until it was too dark to see. It is remembering games at Legion Field when it WAS the 'Football Capital of the South.' It is getting excited again as I approach the stadium and hear the 'Roll Tide' cheer coming from the early arrivers. It is seeing someone yell 'Roll Tide, Need 2 (tickets)' and giving him or her 2 extra that I may have. It is having fun watching the players get excited about being on the same team and how great a TD drive they just had.

I will be cheering our players all the time and never booing. I am going to tailgate with friends and be nice and respectful to visiting fans, regardless of how they act.

I am going to emulate my son, who reminded what a real fan was at the Ga. Dome after the 1994-SEC championship game we lost to Florida. He was only 8 years old, but as the game ended the adult fans were grumbling about Stallings, play calls, etc. My son yelled at me to come on down and cheer the Tide players as they were leaving, because they had played such a great game.

I am going to develop a short- term memory (which is getting easier every day!) and take each game separately and cherish the time spent there. If I can't make the game, I will listen intently to Eli, because, for good or bad, he is OUR announcer.

No more cheering against other teams and getting upset about their games. The Tide games I will care about, the others will just be to watch some good college football.

I can't control play calls; recruiting, sports writers, Internet sites, but I can control myself. I'm getting more excited about the fall ' it's getting closer and that means at least 11 weeks of Crimson Tide football.

Roll Tide!