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Academic Update Part 28: Quantity and Quality

Posted by ROBERTUS on February 24, 2005

ACADEMIC UPDATE!!!! Part 28 (Quantity and Quality)

Many institutions around the world are growing. Some are growing in quantity and some growing in quality. Very few are doing both, simultaneously. The University of Alabama is one of those few. The following are examples this progress. Enjoy.

-Previous ACADEMIC UPDATES (Parts 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22 and 24) have listed many successful UA alums that have made a name for themselves in the current business world. The following is a list of a dozen more alums that are making their university proud.

*Alan W. Baldwin, CEO of Alcore,Inc. *W. Weldon Wilson, CEO of Swiss Re Life and Health America, Inc. *Felix Drennen, CEO of Brice Building Company
*William R. Battle, III, CEO of The Collegiate Licensing Company
*Thomas E. Gester, Pres. and CEO of Diversified Scientific, Inc.
*W. Donald Bell, Chairman, Pres. and CEO of Bell Microproducts, Inc.
*Paul Clark, Pres. and CEO of ICOS Corporation
*Robert Clifford Ross, Jr., CEO of Xante’ Corporation
*James S. Marlen, Chairman, Pres. and CEO of Ameron International Corporation
*Stephen P. Zelnak, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Martin Marietta Materials
*James L. Busby, Pres. and CEO of CentraLite Systems
*Alan Bostick, President of Sunshine Mills, Inc.

-The 2004 edition of The Top American Research Universities, released annually by The Center, ranks top research universities based on how many times a university is ranked in the "top 25" nationally over 10 categories (total research expenditures, federal research expenditures, endowment assets, annual giving, National Academy members, faculty awards, doctorates awarded, post-doc appointees, median SAT scores, and National Merit and Achievement scholars). Once again, The University of Alabama and UAB were the ONLY universities from the state to be ranked in the "top 25" in any of the 10 categories.

-A major measure of the strength of a university and the success of its alumni can be found in the level of its endowment. For instance, Harvard University is widely considered to be the top university in the United States, therefore, it is no surprise that its $22.1 billion endowment is the largest in the nation. In a recent issue (1/28/05) of The Chronicle of Higher Education, endowment rankings for the nation’s colleges and universities were released in its annual survey. The University of Alabama's endowment faired well, ranking 74th among all colleges and universities in the nation (#33 among all Public institutions). Among SEC member institutions, Vanderbilt University ranked 1st with ($2.3 billion), followed by The University of Florida ($738 million), The University of Alabama ($700 million), The University of Tennessee ($666 million), The University of Arkansas ($626 million), The University of Kentucky ($489 million), The University of Georgia ($475 million), Louisiana State University ($460 million), The University of Mississippi ($367 million), The University of South Carolina ($330 million), Auburn University ($289 million), and Mississippi State University ($172 million). Within the state of Alabama, The University of Alabama ($700 million) ranked 1st, followed by Auburn University ($289 million), The University of South Alabama ($267 million), Samford University ($237 million), and Birmingham-Southern College ($112 million).

-With five students (of 84 total students nationwide) selected to the 2005 USA Today All-USA College Academic Team, The University of Alabama ranked 1st in the Nation in the number of students on the team. Yale University finished second with three students on this year’s team. For the last three years, UA has been battling Harvard University for the top spot on the list. This year, Harvard University finished with only two students on the team. In the last three years, The University of Alabama has placed a total of 14 students on the team, by far, leading the rest of the Nation. Congratulations to Cody Locke, Mary Katherine Marchiony, Stephanie LeeAnn Wilson, Jason Spruell, and William Norvell, Jr. for your record-breaking achievements. With 31 students making the team, since its inception in 1991, The University of Alabama has had more than double the number of the rest of the state’s colleges and universities, COMBINED!!!

-The University of Alabama is currently planning a funding program that will bring some $200 million to the College of Engineering. This project will be a major shot-in-the-arm to the college and will allow the programs to be expanded significantly.

As you can see, The University of Alabama is continuing to build and grow with excellent quality. More Good News is on the way….. ROLL TIDE FOREVER!!!!