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JJ and NCalloway

Posted by Chef on May 29, 2006

[In Reply to: JJ and NCalloway were best friends posted by clay on May 28, 2006

clay's message:

At least that is my understanding. They hunt, they fish, they went everywhere together. It would have been very easy for JJ to call Callaway and say, "Look, where is TC?

My question is why was Callaway never put under this “Spanish Inquisition?”

I mean I have studied the NCAA Transcripts a lot and I have allways wondered why JJ just did not go through NC to find out where to get the SUV back.]

Simple answers. (A) The vehicle was out for about six weeks as I remember it. I'm going to tell it all tonite. The company that we were going to use to finance the vehicle was owned by BH Enterprises. (our parent corporation) The gal who ran the finance company was having an affair with the CFO and the CFO had been told out on by our finance guy at the Columbus store. Consequently the finance company wouldn't buy a car deal on JP Getty from the Columbus store. I shipped the deal to the Union City location (man who ran store was a big Bama man and the finance gal loved him) and for some reason known only to himself he sat on the deal for 2 weeks before calling it in. To National Car Credit. Better known as NCCI. They ran a credit check on Travis and he came back in the Tuscaloosa bureau with the only stuff in his name being phone, address, and job title was "laborer" UA. A week went by while NCCI attempted to contact Travis by phone to do a pre-putchase interview. When they did get him on the phone he was not an impressive interview. The interviewer wrote down that he slurred and said he also didn't know if he liked the jeep all that well. In any event the manager at the finance company called our guy in Union city and declined to purchase the deal unless we "endorsed it" An endorsement is basically a co-signer by the dealership. We were charging Travis 27% interest but there was no money made on the front end (selling gross) to amount to anything and we would have never signed that deal under those circustances with any other kid off the street (the litmus test) so we and in particular I, declined. We are now 3and a half weeks into this thing. I asked the Union City guy to look further. Mercury then declined because they said he was out of area. We shopped it too an independant lot in Columbus. He was going to buy the car from us and turn around and finance it on a note basis for TC. This is how hard we worked to put this deal together. But TC couldn't afford the note lot payments. We are now seriously into this deal and the managers at the dealership are raining holy cain to get the deal booked or back. Means get 'er done or repo. At that point I was way too embarrassed to tell Neal we couldn't get Jeff's player done. So we started calling Travis day and nite. He had no answering machine and his phone rang day and nite. I knew we had problems when I went by the weight room on my way to Huntsville and both players there and Terry Jones said they hadn't seen Travis that summer. I read of all places on TI that he was gone from the University. The next day I went back thru the file and since he was gone I called the numbers on the credit application he filled out in Jax. I called his home and nothing and then I called his friend's phone number he had provided and TC answered. He first asked if he was in trouble then began negotiating to keep the car. I told him he had three days to arrange for money as Dino, the skip tracer and repo guy would be there after the car. He then got angry and said he hated "DuBose" and was going to do "what he had to do". Callaway still didn't know anything about all this and hadn't said anything about him not being in school.

We picked up the car, turns out he was staying with what he descrived as his common law wife, and he was obviously on something and beat the little lady he was living with in front of the two old repo guys and two small children (her's and maybe his). We got the old jeep back to Columbus and wholesaled it to another dealer. Callaway heard about the trouble and called and apologized.

Later TC enrolls at UF and is riding around campus in a newer Jeep Cherokee. Nuch nicer and a new Motor scooter.